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Laminate countertop has come a long way with patterns, colours and finishes that can transform you kitchen and bathroom. They can take endless appearances of simulated stone, wood, concrete, steel, tiles and come in many finishes; matte, glossy and textured. If you want the best selection of colors and patterns, and the lowest price, laminate is your choice. Laminate countertops are by far the most affortable material in the market.

What is Laminate?
Laminate is a thin decorative surface layer that is bonded by adhesives particle board or other wood substrate. Laminate is made by saturating sheets of decorative and core paper with resins, then under heat and pressure, fusing the layers into a sheet. The top of the laminate is called decorative layer that could be a solid pattern or printed design. Plastic laminates are incredibly stain resistant, far more than other a countertop material. Most house hold stains can be easily removed with household soap and water. Laminate countertops are non-porous surfaces, the less likelihood that bacteria will be trapped in the surface. Laminate offer endless edge choices , wood edges, decorative solid edge surface and is the only surfaces material that can be formed into seamless cove backsplash. Exploer the possibilities off applying an undermount sink with a solid surface insert on postform/bevel laminate counter.

Solid Surface/Stone:
Imagine a surface that’s virtually seamless, bold effects of colour, translucency, and visual appeal of trend setting patterns and tones. Solid Surface offers a wide range of design choices, imagination, style and aesthetic expression.
The half inch thick, 100% acrylic based surface products are solid, nonporous, and extremely durable.

With vast array of 3000 patterns, colours and finishes laminates allow you to bring the look of stone, concrete, steel and gloss combined with a customized profile allows you to transform your kitchen and bathroom into a modern design trends.

A range of profiles including Standard 180, D-Edge and Ogee Edge increases the opportunity for customization of your liveable space.

Standard 180 Edge D Edge Ogee Edge